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A Million Little Things S04E08 4X08 Torrent

S04E08 The Things We Keep Inside Rome and Regina finally reunite after months apart only to find that things feel off. Maggie does some research as her stalker situation intensifies, while Sophie plays Eddie a song she wrote. Gary helps an old friend.

A Million Little Things S04E06 4X06 Torrent

S04E06 Six Months Later Maggie is enjoying success at work and new love in her life, while Gary learns he needs to let go of his past. Rome experiences a curveball with his film and Regina deals with drama of her own.

A Million Little Things S04E05 4X05 Torrent

S04E05 Crystal Clear  Gary’s attempt to make things right for Sophie comes with unexpected repercussions. Eddie realizes Nicole needs help in her own ways, and Maggie connects more with Jane. Katherine discovers something new about herself.

A Million Little Things S04E04 4X04 Torrent

S04E04 Pinocchio  Gary’s past starts to affect his future with Darcy, while Eddie uncovers more from the night of his accident. Rome receives promising interest for his documentary, and Maggie gets a taste of workplace politics.

A Million Little Things S04E03 4X03 Torrent

S04E03 Game Night When the girls decide to throw Katherine a celebratory divorce party, the guys get together to watch the hockey game and distract Eddie. Maggie is blindsided by some news, while Sophie is forced to stand her ground. Eddie helps Theo with a romantic gesture for a new crush and stumbles into someone … Read more

A Million Little Things S04E02 4X02 Torrent

S04E02 Not The Plan Gary takes steps forward with Darcy and continues to distance himself from anything involving Peter. Rome makes an effort to distract Regina from her job search, which may be looking up after all. Maggie adjusts to a new work environment, while Katherine entertains a new friend. Eddie makes progress in more … Read more

A Million Little Things S04E01 4X01 Torrent

S04E01 Family First  Gary struggles in the aftermath of his encounter with Peter. Meanwhile, Regina and Rome put on a united front following the closure of Someday and the deportation of Tyrell’s mother. Sophie deals with mixed emotions surrounding her mother while Delilah faces a difficult decision. Eddie inches closer to finding out who caused … Read more

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