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All American: Homecoming S01E06 1X06 Torrent

S01E06 Family Affair Simone is excited that Baby Shay is coming to town, but another visitor she wasn’t expecting surprises her as well, thanks to Amara. Damon struggles on the field, while family drama could threaten his new bond with his mom. JR goes home to try to get to the bottom of what is … Read more

All American: Homecoming S01E05 1X05 Torrent

S01E05 Truth Hurts When the power goes out at Bringston, everyone takes the time to reveal some surprising truths to each other. Simone grapples with telling her friends about her son when she learns he will be in town for a visit, and Thea unexpectedly turns to Simone for dating advice. Damon becomes worried about … Read more

All American: Homecoming S01E04 1X04 Torrent

S01E04 If Only You Knew  With Athletic Alumni weekend in full swing, Simone must juggle playing doubles with Thea, and trying to spend time with an unexpected guest. Damon’s growing relationship with Simone hits a snag, so he focuses his efforts on the alumni game. Amara and Coach Marcus’ past comes to the forefront when … Read more

All American: Homecoming S01E03 1X03 Torrent

S01E03 Love and War  When Damon and JR devise a plan to help boost the baseball team’s morale, they realize they have their work cut out for them when an unforeseen obstacle enters that could derail their efforts. Simone tries to extend an olive branch to Thea, but things don’t turn out as she was … Read more

All American: Homecoming S01E02 1X02 Torrent

S01E02 Under Pressure With everything Simone is trying to balance, she starts to crack but finds the motivation to keep going from a group assignment with Damon and Thea. Damon struggles to bond with the team, but with the help of JR, Damon does something that scares him and gets him back on track. Keisha … Read more