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American Dad! S18E22 18X22 Torrent

S18E22 Steve’s Franken Out When Principal Lewis threatens to cancel science club, Steve takes matters into his own hands in a monstrous way.

American Dad S18E21 18X21 Torrent

S18E21 Crystal Clear  Stan gets in over his head trying to impress Toshi’s dad. Klaus and Jeff head to the country for a weekend getaway.

American Dad! S18E17 18X17 Torrent

S18E17 The Sinister Fate!! A new friendship causes Hayley to start worrying she might be slowly turning into Francine. Steve and his friends try out for Roger’s improv troupe,

American Dad! S18E16 18X16 Torrent

S18E16 Plot Heavy After Stan sells off the coveted family plot, the family opens their own cemetery in the backyard with the help of basketball Hall-of-Famer Scottie Pippen.

American Dad! S17E13 17X13 Torrent

Season 17, Episode 13 – “Lumberjerk” Stan is forced to partner with Jeff in a lumberjack competition. Meanwhile, Steve, Francine and Snot enter a contest to win a vintage pickup truck.

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