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American Dad! S17E09 17X09 Torrent

Season 17, Episode 9 – “Mused and Abused” Roger reveals a secret passion to Klaus; Stan and Francine seek revenge on Bazooka Sharks management.

American Dad! S17E07 17X07 Torrent

Season 17, Episode 7 – “Little Bonnie Ramirez” After a series of boring personas, Roger goes to great lengths to prove to Francine he still has “his edge”.

American Dad! S17E06 17X06 Torrent

Season 17, Episode 6 – “The Wondercabinet” Steve spins out about his future, but a radio show about new age mysticism gives him a hopeful new understanding of life. Roger struggles to get into the adult film industry.

American Dad! S17E05 17X05 Torrent

Season 17, Episode 5 – “Klaus And Rogu In Thank God For Loose Rocks: An American Dad! Adventure” When the family goes to a dude ranch, Klaus and Rogu have to work together to survive in the wilderness.