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Animal Kingdom S05E13 5X13 Torrent

S05E13 Launch It’s all hands on deck as the Cody family uses all their tools, tricks, and vehicles to pull off the job of their lives and settle all scores. A deadly secret from the past is also revealed.

Animal Kingdom S05E08 5X08 Torrent

S05E08 Gladiators  Pope helps a new friend. Deran, J, and Craig deal with the fallout from past mistakes as they make new friends and enemies.

Animal Kingdom S05E07 5X07 Torrent

S05E07 Splinter Pope confronts his demons with the help of a desert guru. Deran marks his territory as J handles business. Craig struggles with the demands of fatherhood and the temptations of his old life.

Animal Kingdom S05E06 5X06 Torrent

S05E06 Home Sweet Home Tensions rise as Deran, J, and Craig do a job that risks everything the family has. Pope goes to the desert trying to outrun his grief.

Animal Kingdom S05E05 5X05 Torrent

S05E05 Family Business As Deran and J compete for control of the family, Pamela presents the Codys with a risky proposition. Pope processes an additional loss by exploding in violence and Craig does business with Frankie.

Animal Kingdom S05E02 5X02 Torrent

Season 5, Episode 2 – “What Remains” As Pope deals with Smurf’s remains, Craig and Renn balance their old lives with being new parents. J finds a new job through an old contact, and Deran can’t outrun his past with Adrian.

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