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Archer S12E08 12X08 Torrent

S12E08 Mission: Difficult  Archer is trapped inside IIA headquarters and Barry is trapped inside Other Barry.

Archer S12E07 12X07 Torrent

S12E07 Colt Express  A mysterious stranger and a scavenger hunt helps Archer and the gang get a jump on their enemies.

Archer S12E06 12X06 Torrent

S12E06 Dingo, Baby, Et Cetera Lana makes rookie mistakes as ghosts from Archer’s past haunt him on a special mission.

Archer S12E05 12X05 Torrent

S12E05 Shots Sex, drugs, and monster trucks! Archer and the gang celebrate another barely successful mission.

Archer S12E03 12X03 Torrent

S12E03 London Time A mission across the pond turns into a trip down memory lane for Malory while Cheryl/Carol teaches Pam about British history.

Archer S12E02 12X02 Torrent

S12E02 Lowjacked  The Agency embarks on a team building exercise that doesn’t quite get off the ground.

Archer S12E01 12X01 Torrent

S12E01 Identity Crisis Archer and the gang just saved the world from a nuclear catastrophe and their reward is five nights in a rat-infested Moldovan hotel.

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