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Chicago Med S07E02 7X02 Torrent

S07E02 To Lean In, or To Let Go Vanessa and Archer disagree on how to handle the victim of a motorcycle accident. Scott and Charles deal with a UNICEF negotiator with repressed trauma. Hammer and Halstead treat a high schooler with Addison’s disease and a clingy mother.

Chicago Med S07E01 7X01 Torrent

S07E01 You Can’t Always Trust What You See  Will Halstead returns to Med to help Goodwin with a secret investigation. Archer and Charles deal with twins who insist on being identical inside and out. Stevie and Dylan treat a young patient with sickle cell anemia.

Chicago Med S06E16 6X06 Torrent

Season 6, Episode 16 – “I Will Come to Save You” Carol receives a second chance at life when a new heart becomes available. Ethan and Dean find themselves in hot water with an old patient. Will faces the consequences of the stolen trial medication.

Chicago Med S06E15 6X15 Torrent

Season 6, Episode 15 – “Stories, Secrets, Half Truths and Lies” Crockett worries he made a surgical error when a recent transplant patient comes in with complications. Carol is once again in distress. Will and Natalie must take action to right their wrong.  

Chicago Med S06E14 6X14 Torrent

Season 6, Episode 14 – “A Red Pill, a Blue Pill” Third-year med students begin their rotation in the ED and Maggie keeps a careful eye on one of them. Natalie, whose mom’s health takes another decline, tries to cover up how she broke the rules to treat her.

Chicago Med S06E11 6X11 Torrent

Season 6, Episode 13 – “What a Tangled Web We Weave” An auto accident sends Goodwin into a spiral as she tries to help a young boy and his mother. Natalie’s secretive behavior begins to draw the attention of Dr. Marcel and Dr. Halstead.

Chicago Med S06E12 6X12 Torrent

Season 6, Episode 12 – “Some Things Are Worth the Risk” Dean and Ethan respond to a scene that brings back some bad memories. When Carol’s condition worsens, Natalie is willing to do whatever it takes to get her mom feeling better.