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Chucky S01E08 1X08 Torrent

S01E08 An Affair to Dismember Scores old and new will be settled, and sparks will fly, as Chucky’s diabolical plan comes to fruition at a particularly dangerous – and public – venue

Chucky S01E07 1X07 Torrent

S01E07 Double the Loss, Twice the Grieving  As Hackensack reels from Chucky’s relentless – but secret – reign of terror, the Mayor tries to allay fears by cluelessly arresting an innocent suspect. Meanwhile, the kids desperately try to figure out Chucky’s mysterious endgame – before it’s too late.

Chucky S01E06 1X06 Torrent

S01E06 Cape Queer Jake and his friends set a risky trap for Chucky that could have dire consequences if it backfires.

Chucky S01E05 1X05 Torrent

S01E05 Little Little Lies Jake and Devon progress their relationship. Enemies-and allies-from Chucky’s past show up.

Chucky S01E04 1X04 Torrent

S01E04 Just Let Go  After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos.

Chucky S01E03 1X03 Torrent

S01E03 I Like to Be Hugged Chucky reminisces about his first hug, urging Jake to make a choice of killing or being killed.

Chucky S01E02 1X02 Torrent

S01E02 Give Me Something Good to Eat Chucky targets one of Jake’s frenemies, forcing Jake to either stop the hugger doll – or help him.

Chucky S01E01 1X01 Torrent

S01E01 Death by Misadventure  When teen Jake Wheeler buys a vintage doll at a yard sale, his young life changes forever.