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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S06E15 6X15 Torrent

S06E15 The Fungus Amongus When Sara realizes Bishop’s plan, Ava convinces Sara to allow the Legends to make exception to the rules to help fight back. Behrad comes up with an interesting plan, that allows Sara to connect with an old friend. Meanwhile, amidst a battle Sara and Ava make an important decision but need … Read more

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S06E14 6X14 Torrent

S06E14 There Will Be Brood When Astra and Spooner find themselves as stowaways, they learn that Constantine is still chasing the Fountain of Imperium and find themselves in 1920s Texas. With the rest of the Legends stranded, they come up with a plan to get help by using Rory as bait that will also help … Read more

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S06E13 6X13 Torrent

S06E13 Silence of the Sonograms With the Legends on high alert with their unwanted guest in their custody, Ava is tasked with the interrogation while Nate and Sara watch. Rory is struggling with the terrible pain in his head and Gary tries to help to manage it the best he can. Meanwhile, Zari enlists Astra … Read more

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S06E11 6X11 Torrent

S06E11 The Final Frame When the Legends track down another Alien pod, they find a device that transports them to a cosmic bowling alley. Spooner makes a bet against the reigning champs for a ride back to the Waverider, but not everyone is happy about the plan when they realize what they are up against. … Read more