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Dr. Brain S01E06 1X06 Torrent

S01E06 Chapter 6 Harnessing the power of his unique brain and the knowledge of those he synced with, Sewon risks his life to save his family. Season finale.

Dr. Brain S01E05 1X05 Torrent

S01E05 Chapter 5 Sewon confronts the mastermind pulling the strings behind his ordeal and setting in motion the diabolical plan involving him and his family.

Dr. Brain S01E02 1X02 Torrent

S01E02 Chapter 2  Intel from a private investigator drives Sewon to conduct more brain syncs, leading him to believe his wife, Jaeyi, was right about their son Doyoon.

Dr. Brain S01E01 1X01 Torrent

S01E01 Chapter 1  Sewon, a research-obsessed brain scientist, gets devastating news that pushes him to advance a risky brain-sync system in search of answers.

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