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Godfather of Harlem S02E10 2X10 Torrent

S02E10 The Harlem Riots Bumpy Johnson must fend off rivals to receive the largest dope shipment in New York history, while Harlem explodes into riot; Malcolm X reluctantly agrees to protection from an unusual source.

Godfather of Harlem S02E09 2X09 Torrent

S02E09 Bonanno Split  Bumpy Johnson must protect the Italian mob when Joseph Bonanno decides to abolish the Commission; captain Omar takes his campaign against Malcolm X to a new level.

Godfather of Harlem S02E08 2X08 Torrent

S02E08 Ten Harlems  Bumpy Johnson wants to use his new French supplier to distribute to the Harlems of other major American cities. Malcolm X uses Cassius Clay to leverage himself back into favour with the Nation of Islam before Clay’s famous fight versus Sonny Liston.

Godfather of Harlem S02E07 2X07 Torrent

S02E07 Man of the Year  Before accepting a prestigious award, Bumpy Johnson contemplates the many contradictions in his life, and struggles to do what’s best for his family; Chin Gigante learns a difficult truth about his daughter, Stella.