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Law & Order: SVU S23E10 23X10 Torrent

S23E10 Silent Night, Hateful Night The SVU is called in to help investigate a wave of hate crimes on Christmas Eve. Rollins catches up with an old flame.

Law & Order: SVU S23E09 23X09 Torrent

S23E09 People vs Richard Wheatley Carisi tries Richard Wheatley for the hug of Kathy Stabler. Benson finds herself at odds with a friend when Barba agrees to take the case.

Law & Order: SVU S23E07 23X07 Torrent

S23E07 They’d Already Disappeared  When a teenage sex worker disappears, Rollins and Velasco find a key clue in a pile of neglected missing persons reports.

Law & Order: SVU S23E06 23X06 Torrent

S23E06 The Five Hundredth Episode  Nick Amaro returns to ask the SVU for help in clearing a convicted man’s name and brings a figure from Benson’s past back into her life.

Law & Order: SVU S23E04 23X04 Torrent

S23E04 One More Tale of Two Victims The SVU searches for a serial rapist who preys on mothers with young children. Benson and Fin struggle under the tightened reins of Chief McGrath.

Law & Order: SVU S23E03 23X03 Torrent

S23E03 I Thought You Were On My Side Benson and Rollins must contend with the FBI and the Organized Crime bureau when a rape victim identifies a dangerous mobster as her assailant.

Law & Order: SVU S23E02 23X02 Torrent

S23E02 Never Turn Your Back on Them The search for a missing witness leads Fin and Kat down a dangerous path. Chief McGrath puts pressure on Garland and Benson to get a conviction.

Law & Order: SVU S23E01 23X01 Torrent

S23E01 And the Empire Strikes Back  Benson’s loyalty to Garland is tested. Rollins and Carisi try to keep their witnesses on board when a powerful congressman is identified as a suspect.

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