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Law & Order: SVU S23E03 23X03 Torrent

S23E03 I Thought You Were On My Side Benson and Rollins must contend with the FBI and the Organized Crime bureau when a rape victim identifies a dangerous mobster as her assailant.

Law & Order: SVU S23E02 23X02 Torrent

S23E02 Never Turn Your Back on Them The search for a missing witness leads Fin and Kat down a dangerous path. Chief McGrath puts pressure on Garland and Benson to get a conviction.

Law & Order: SVU S23E01 23X01 Torrent

S23E01 And the Empire Strikes Back  Benson’s loyalty to Garland is tested. Rollins and Carisi try to keep their witnesses on board when a powerful congressman is identified as a suspect.

Law & Order: SVU S22E16 22X16 Torrent

Season 22, Episode 16 – “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” While Fin and Phoebe make wedding plans, Benson and Rollins try to help a homeless single mother who’s being trafficked in exchange for safe housing.

Law & Order: SVU S22E15 22X15 Torrent

Season 22, Episode 15 – “What Can Happen in the Dark” Garland asks Benson to investigate an unusual domestic violence case when his neighbor is found injured.

Law & Order: SVU S22E14 22X14 Torrent

Season 22, Episode 14 – “Post-Graduate Psychopath” Rollins must revisit an old case when a child sent to juvenile detention is released after his 18th birthday.

Law & Order: SVU S22E13 22X13 Torrent

Season 22, Episode 13 – “Trick-Rolled At The Moulin’” The SVU search for three women suspected of drugging and robbing wealthy men. The case leads to personal connections for both Benson and Kat.

Law & Order: SVU S22E12 22X12 Torrent

Season 22, Episode 12 – “In The Year We All Fell Down” Benson walks into a hostage situation at a neighborhood restaurant. Rollins tries to help her father after he’s hospitalized.