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Miracle Workers S03E08 3X08 Torrent

S03E08 Over the Mountain  The wagon train attempts to cross the Blue Mountains, but Ezekiel worries their journey has been cursed by God. Meanwhile, Benny tries to make amends with Trig.

Miracle Workers S03E06 3X06 Torrent

S03E06 Independence Rock The wagon train stops at Independence Rock to celebrate the Fourth of July. While Ezekiel and Prudence try to enjoy the holiday, Benny attempts to reclaim his place as the number one outlaw in the west.

Miracle Workers S03E05 3X05 Torrent

S03E05 Meet the Noonans  The wagon train meets a religious group being led West by a holy prophet. Meanwhile, Benny tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter.

Miracle Workers S03E04 3X04 Torrent

S03E04 What Happens in Branchwater The wagon train stops in the sinful town of Branchwater, luring Ezekiel into a night of debauchery and temptation. Meanwhile, Benny finds his favourite saloon has transformed into an inauthentic tourist trap.

Miracle Workers S03E02 3X02 Torrent

Season 3, Episode 2 – “Fording The River” The wagon train must ford a dangerous river, leading to a moral struggle between Ezekiel and Benny over the soul of the group. Meanwhile, Prudence and Todd meet hipster pioneers living #wagonlife.