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Motherland: Fort Salem S02E10 2X10 Torrent

S02E10 Revolution, Part 1 In the season finale, the Camarilla brings the fight to Fort Salem. Raelle, Abigail, Tally and their allies are forced to make impossible, world-changing choices.

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E09 2X09 Torrent

S02E09 Mother of All, Mother of None Distrust in Alder grows as Tally and Abigail pressure those in power for changes. Raelle gains a deeper understanding of the Mycelium and its purpose for her.

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E07 2X07 Torrent

S02E07 Irrevocable Raelle fights for her life, just as the Army and Spree converge on a secret Camarilla stronghold. Abigail and Adil’s mission for vengeance escalates

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E06 2X06 Torrent

Season 2, Episode 6 – “My 3 Dads” Raelle brings Tally home to the Cession, where they struggle with the past. Abigail is confronted with pressure from her family when Adil accompanies her home

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E05 2X05 Torrent

Season 2, Episode 5 – “Brianna’s Favorite Pencil” The Unit competes for a chance to commune with the dead during Samhain. Scylla and Anacostia search for Camarilla leadership by attending a Halloween gala and make a horrifying discovery.

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E04 2X04 Torrent

Season 2, Episode 4 – “Not Our Daughters” Anti-witch sentiment boils over as the Unit defends the first witch testing center at its grand opening. Anacostia and Scylla go undercover to follow the Camarilla.

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E03 2X03 Torrent

Season 2, Episode 3 – “A Tiffany” Raelle prepares to show her ability to the top brass, while Abigail struggles with her new role. Tally begins to question her unsettling dreams. Anacostia and Scylla form a plan to infiltrate the enemy further.

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E02 2X02 Torrent

Season 2, Episode 2 – “Abomination” The Unit begins War College, introducing them to their Coven and new challenges. Anacostia and Scylla find themselves unlikely partners in a dangerous mission. Tally mentors a new recruit

Motherland: Fort Salem S02E01 2X01 Torrent

Season 2, Episode 1 – “Of the Blood” Despite the threat of the Camarilla, the discovery of new witches gives Alder hope. Tally struggles with her role as a Biddy, and Raelle and Abigail return to Fort Salem with their mysterious new abilities.