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My Brilliant Friend S03E06 3X06 Torrent

S03E06 Becoming On holiday, little Gennaro often quarrels with Elena’s daughters, she remains tolerant until she catches them playing doctor. In a phone call with Lila, Elena learns that her sister Elisa is dating Marcello Solara. Baffled, she travels to Naples to discuss the matter with her in person.

My Brilliant Friend S03E05 3X05 Torrent

S03E05 Terror  Elena embraces the feminist cause and has a disagreement with Pietro about it. Pasquale and Nadia arrive unexpectedly at Elena’s home in Florence. They are dirty, rude, and neglected. Pasquale relates to Pietro with hostility. After their departure Pietro and Elena quarrel: he doesn’t want something like that to happen again.

My Brilliant Friend S03E04 3X04 Torrent

S03E04 Cold War Elena and Lila face difficulties obtaining prescriptions for the contraceptive pill. Adele surprises Elena with an unexpected reception on her wedding day.

My Brilliant Friend S03E03 3X03 Torrent

S03E03 The Treatment Lila’s health is getting worse; her job at the Soccavo plant is burning her out. Elena asks her in-laws to help out; they encourage her to write an exposé to the papers, which ends up stirring up tensions in the unions.

My Brilliant Friend S03E01 3X01 Torrent

S03E01 Indecencies  At her book presentation in Milan, Elena unexpectedly meets Nino. At dinner she realises her infatuation for him has never abandoned her and begins to have doubts on her fiancé Pietro.