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New Amsterdam (2018) S04E14 4X14 Torrent

S04E14 … Unto the Breach As the team gathers to mourn the loss of someone dear, Max and Helen realize the extent to which New Amsterdam has changed since they left. Bloom struggles with a big decision. Reynolds decides to take his concerns for his patients to a new level.

New Amsterdam (2018) S04E03 4X03 Torrent

S04E13 Family Max and Helen adjust to sharing their lives and their problems, including the challenge of Helen’s mother. Bloom and Reynolds treat a family after their horrific car accident lands them in the ED. Iggy and Trevor reach a new understanding in their business relationship.

New Amsterdam (2018) S04E10 4X10 Torrent

S04E10 Death Is the Rule. Life Is the Exception As Max and Sharpe prepare to depart for London, a deadly superbug hits the hospital and draws them back in. Leyla confronts Bloom about the secret she’s been hiding. Iggy digs deep to help grieving parents confront the reality that their son is gone.

New Amsterdam (2018) S04E09 4X09 Torrent

S04E09 In a Strange Land  Max takes drastic measures to help several undocumented immigrants after a fire destroys the church where they had sought refuge. Sharpe and Malvo assist a patient with a life-threatening condition. Reynolds is conflicted about his new position.

New Amsterdam (2018) S04E07 4X07 Torrent

S04E07 Harmony Max and Bloom are shocked when a deadly ambulance crash reveals a dangerous plan. Fuentes pressures Iggy to take on patients. Sharpe realizes her cost cutting has adversely affected her department. Reynolds, Baptiste and Malvo try to reach an accord.

New Amsterdam (2018) S04E06 4X06 Torrent

S04E06 Laughter and Hope and a Sock in the Eye  Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Malvo have a heart-to-heart with Dr. Baptiste. Max learns more about Sharpe when someone from her past resurfaces. Iggy plays referee between two patients and their families. Dr. Wilder reconsiders Max’s offer to join the staff.

New Amsterdam (2018) S04E05 4X05 Torrent

S04E05 This Be the Verse  Dr. Fuentes continues in her quest to remake the hospital in her vision. Max goes the extra mile to help a patient in need. Dr. Sharpe and Iggy find themselves at odds over a serious issue. Reynolds discovers the importance of personal obligations.