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Ragdoll S01E06 1X06 Torrent

S01E06 Rose is forced to confront his choices as Baxter tries to help him choose a path of redemption. Baxter and Edmunds are faced with a difficult decision as Rose’s name becomes that last one left on the hug list. Edmunds’ dark past is revealed.

Ragdoll S01E02 1X02 Torrent

S01E02 With the Ragdoll hugger proving unstoppable, the team hunts down the second victim on the list; when hazy memories from the past surface, Rose starts his own investigation into the case and his dubious interview tactics cause concern for Edmunds.

Ragdoll S01E01 1X01 Torrent

S01E01 A gruesome discovery sets DI Baxter, DS Rose and DC Edmunds on the trail of the Ragdoll hugger, who also lists six more people due to die; it’s a race against time to find the victims and track down a hugger before he strikes again.