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Station 19 S04E16 4X16 Torrent

Season 4, Episode 16 – “Forever and Ever, Amen” Maya addresses some unresolved family issues, and the crew takes matters into their own hands when faced with a life-or-death moment on scene. Meanwhile, Andy and Sullivan’s marriage is put to the test.

Station 19 S04E15 4X15 Torrent

Season 4, Episode 15 – “Say Her Name” When Vic helps her parents through a devastating loss, they have a long overdue conversation about the anguish of being Black in America.

Station 19 S04E14 4X14 Torrent

Season 4, Episode 14 – “Comfortably Numb” Ben finally faces the health issues he has been putting off. Meanwhile, Jack and Inara help their neighbor out of a trashy situation, and Carina and Maya reevaluate their relationship.

Station 19 S04E13 4X13 Torrent

Season 4, Episode 13 – “I Guess I’m Floating” Ben and Dean wrestle with life and death after the Black Fighter’s Coalition banquet.

Station 19 S04E12 4X12 Torrent

Season 4, Episode 12 – “Get Up, Stand Up” In the wake of national outcry after the tragic murder of an unarmed Black man, Maya brings in Dr. Diane Lewis to grief counsel the team.