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Tacoma FD S03E12 3X12 Torrent

S03E12 Thanksgiving It’s Thanksgiving Day in the station and Terry wants to do everything his way. No one gets their way when an engine breaks down, summoning the most irritating mechanic at the TFD.

Tacoma FD S03E11 3X11 Torrent

S03E11 Pickleball It’s time for the annual TFD Pickleball Tournament. The Crew plans to take down Terry and Eddie’s team, the long-standing station champs.

Tacoma FD S03E03 3X03 Torrent

S03E03 The Big Chill  It’s time for the annual firehouse chili cook-off, and everyone is excited to impress the chief, but judge Terry is affected by his wisdom teeth surgery and the drugs that go along with it.

Tacoma FD S03E02 3X02 Torrent

S03E02 Hell Week  Lucy graduates to official Firefighter if she can survive the gang’s pranks. She insists they don’t go easy just because she’s Chief’s daughter.

Tacoma FD S03E01 3X01 Torrent

S03E01 Quarantine The gang is quarantined at the station after being exposed to a potentially infected Capuchin monkey on an emergency call. Everyone deals in their own way.

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