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The Neighborhood S04E12 4X12 Torrent

S04E12 Welcome to the Big One The Butlers and Johnsons are rattled in different ways after an earthquake strikes, with Calvin and Tina moving in with Malcolm and Marty while their home is repaired, and Dave going to extremes trying to prepare his family for the next time.

The Neighborhood S04E09 4X09 Torrent

S04E09 Welcome to the Splurge Calvin decides to splurge on an expensive jacket, then worries it’s too special to risk wearing outside the house. Also, Dave and Gemma worry their new friends’ daughter is a bad influence on Grover.

The Neighborhood S04E07 4X07 Torrent

S04E07 Welcome to the Ex-Files  Calvin is thrilled when he unexpectedly crosses paths with NFL legend Jerome “The Bus” Bettis – until he discovers the Hall of Fame football player shares a history with Tina. Also, Dave deals with the fallout of a romantic revelation of his own.

The Neighborhood S04E05 4X05 Torrent

S04E05 Welcome to Your Match  When Calvin and Tina enlist the services of a professional matchmaker for Marty, they can’t help but get too caught up in the process; Dave and Gemma adopt new roles during an unexpected date night.

The Neighborhood S04E02 4X02 Torrent

S04E02 Welcome to the Intervention When a man moves his family from Michigan to Los Angeles, he realizes that the secret to fitting in with his new neighborhood is befriending the opinionated man who lives next door.

The Neighborhood S04E01 4X01 Torrent

S04E01 Welcome to the Family  When Dave starts researching his genealogy, he makes a surprising discovery: he and Calvin are more than just neighbors. Also, Tina offers to help Gemma when she’s overcome with morning sickness, and inadvertently stumbles on a new business idea.

The Neighborhood S03E18 3X18 Torrent

Season 3, Episode 18 – “Welcome to the Surprise” When Calvin receives a surprise birthday gift involving his father, Dave suggests they spend the day celebrating in a way that honors the late Butler patriarch. Also, an unexpected development changes the Johnsons’ lives forever.

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