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The Other Two S02E06 2X06 Torrent

S02E06 Pat Becomes #1 In Daytime In a desperate attempt to land a legit new agent, Cary tries to rebrand himself as an actor-slash-writer. Meanwhile, Brooke, at long last, lands something of her own – and in doing so, connects with someone from her past.

The Other Two S02E05 2X05 Torrent

S02E05 Chase Gets Baptized  Chase’s baptism into a celebrity church – a beautiful rite of passage for any famous young boy – finds Brooke and Cary struggling to also reap the benefits of this blessed new world. Meanwhile, Streeter does whatever it takes to remind his “kids” that he’s the only “Father” with whom they … Read more

The Other Two S02E04 2X04 Torrent

S02E04 Pat Hosts Just Another Regular Show  When Cary heads upstate for a romantic getaway with Jess, a chance encounter with an old friend gives him a taste of the future. Back in the city, a newly rich and successful Brooke kicks off her search for the missing link – a boyfriend – by booking … Read more

The Other Two S02E03 2X03 Torrent

S02E03 Chase Guest-Edits Vogue  At Vogue’s highly anticipated unveiling of a splashy new celeb’s face and body, Brooke scrambles to enjoy the perks of being a manager, while Cary leverages his D-list celebrity status for some quick cash.