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The Outpost S04E04 4X04 Torrent

S04E04 Going to Meet the Gods Garret leads a rebellion. Falista recruits Wren and Janzo to serve a specific purpose. Luna faces her greatest challenge yet.

The Outpost S04E03 4X03 Torrent

S04E03 The Gods Thank You Garret is set free but must serve a new ruler. Talon and Zed return to save the Blackbloods but discover a tragedy. Falista tries to make peace.

The Outpost S04E02 4X02 Torrent

Season 4, Episode 2 – “A Throne of Our Own” Garret attacks a new queen and strange visions reveal a new threat. Talon and Zed devise a plan to save the Blackbloods. Janzo discovers Wren’s secret. Meanwhile, Tobin tries to stay loyal and Luna attempts another assassination.

The Outpost S04E01 4X01 Torrent

Season 4, Episode 1 – “Someone Has to Rule” Garret wants Talon to take the throne, while a mysterious assassin seeks revenge. Falista mourns for Tobin but hatches a new plan. Zed wants Wren to be High Priestess and uncovers a secret about her.