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The Republic of Sarah S01E13 1X13 Torrent

S01E13 The Last Rabbit  Sarah is offered the chance for Greylock to receive international recognition, but at a great personal cost and turns to Grover for support. Bella is thriving in politics and tries to convince her dad to make it permanent. Danny offers to help Corinne with her legal problems, but Corinne asks for … Read more

The Republic of Sarah S01E12 1X12 Torrent

S01E12 Two Imposters When Danny shares good news about Greylock’s finances, Sarah winds up in a debate that traps her between her two closest friends. Corinne is trying to right her wrongs, but she can’t catch a break, especially after Sarah drops a major bombshell. Meanwhile, Bella and Tyler get creative with each of their … Read more

The Republic of Sara S01E11 1X11 Torrent

S01E11 Piedge Allegiance  Sarah and Paul start to make headway in their relationship. Ellen surprises everyone by coming home earlier than expected. Danny accidentally makes things harder for Corinne, leaving her with a tough choice about some of the people in her life.

The Republic of Sarah S01E10 1X10 Torrent

S01E10 From Simple Sources  Greylock is threatened with a massive flood as unseasonably warm weather melts the snow from the recent blizzard. Knowing Greylock will be underwater in hours, Sarah must ask for help from the last person she wants to rely on: Paul. Grover is challenged by his therapist to lean into what makes … Read more

The Republic of Sarah S01E08 1X08 Torrent

S01E08 The Perfect Conditions for Disaster  After an unexpected snowstorm leaves Greylock stranded with no plows, Sarah and the town come up with a creative plan to clear the roads. During the storm, Sarah gets two unexpected guests and tries to figure out how to navigate both circumstances.

The Republic of Sarah S01E07 1X07 Torrent

Season 1, Episode 7 – “Sanctuary” With the government newly formed, Greylock’s fledgling congress must decide their immigration policy now that new people want to immigrate. Sarah and Danny are faced with someone from their past and have different reactions to the visitor. AJ shares a personal secret with Grover to encourage him to get … Read more

The Republic of Sarah S01E06 1X06 Torrent

Season 1, Episode 6 – “A Show of Hands” After a damaging magazine article is written about Sarah, she realizes that it’s time for Greylock to create a more representative government. With an election open to anyone, Danny, Maya, AJ, and Corinne take a shot at the four available seats. Meanwhile, AJ, Sarah, and Grover … Read more

The Republic of Sarah S01E05 1X05 Torrent

Season 1, Episode 5 – “The Criminals it Deserves” With Lydon’s workers causing problems, Sarah drafts an executive order to help protect Greylock’s residents, but her new law leaves one of their own facing consequences instead. Grover introduces Danny to a new friend, but they have more in common than Danny realizes. Maya feels abandoned … Read more

The Republic of Sarah S01E04 1X04 Torrent

Season 1, Episode 4 – “In Us We Trust” When Sarah discovers that everyone in Greylock is being charged foreign transaction fees, she enlists her friends to help her create own currency. Grover shares with Danny what really happened to Corinne after he left. Bella and Tyler try to find a way to make their … Read more