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The Wonder Years S01E13 1X13 Torrent

S01E13 The Valentine’s Day Dance Dean’s plans to ask Keisa to the Valentine’s Day Dance are foiled when another boy asks her out first. Bill and Lillian make Kim sign up for a Big Sister program to have extracurricular activities for her college applications.

The Wonder Years S01E10 1X10 Torrent

S01E10 Lads and Ladies and Us  Bill and Lillian decide to join high society club Lads & Ladies as a way to introduce Kim and Dean to positive influences in the community. Bill, Kim and Dean fit right in, but things take a turn when Lillian is treated differently for being a working mom.

The Wonder Years S01E06 1X06 Torrent

S01E06 Be Prepared When Coach Long and Bill take the boys on a camping trip as part of their newly formed scout troop, their starkly different approaches to the outdoors show Dean that his father isn’t good at everything. As a thunderstorm threatens an eerie quest through the woods, Bill leans into his expertise to … Read more

The Wonder Years S01E05 1X05 Torrent

S01E05 The Lock In Dean is reluctant to attend the annual church lock-in until Kim tells him it’s where she got her first kiss. He enlists his friends to help him pair up with Keisa, but his plans are thwarted when he instead gets paired up with the pastor’s daughter, Charlene.

The Wonder Years S01E04 1X04 Torrent

S01E04 The Workplace  It’s “Take Your Son to Work Day” and Dean heads to band practice with Bill. But the “grown folks’ business” at the music studio prompts Lillian to have to pick up Dean. While at her office, Dean finally learns what his mom does while he’s at school all day, gaining a newfound … Read more